We are a strategic agency specialising in science consulting, content creation and ethical digital marketing.

what we do

We help people understand the science of wellbeing:

mental health

The relationship between our mental and physical health goes both ways, meaning that our mood, thoughts and behaviour can influence our appetite, sleep, energy levels and vice versa. We have extensive experience across the whole spectrum of mental health, from understanding productivity, motivation and what drives behaviour to expertise in clinical conditions like depression, anxiety, psychosis and ADHD. We also specialise in explaining the immune system’s role in mental health via the mind-body connection. 

physical health

A healthy body is essential for a healthy mind, and science shows that having a healthy lifestyle helps us feel happier, more motivated and better able to cope with stress. We specialise in explaining how physical processes, such as metabolism, digestion, sleep, nutrition, and fitness levels, affect the body, brain, and immune system.

immune health

Not many people realise that our immune system does much more than fight off colds and infections. When considering the mind-body connection, the profound effect of the immune system on our mental and physical health is often overlooked. Our immune health can influence every aspect of our wellbeing, including our mood, response to stress, metabolism, sleep, digestion, relationships and even who we fall in love with.


We believe that knowledge is power, and we want to empower others by sharing scientific knowledge.

Our goal is to help people improve their health and wellbeing by bridging the gap between research and reality.



strategic research and data-driven solutions:

Our consultancy service combines scientific expertise with creative, critical thinking.

We understand that the art of problem solving requires an element of artistic creativity. Beyond rigorous research and data analysis, we specialise in observing patterns where connections may not seem immediately obvious and draw inspiration from multidisciplinary fields.

Our unique approach provides you with an evidence-based strategy and innovative solutions tailored to your industry.


literature & systematic reviews
protocol optimisation
risk assessment
bias evaluation
access to paywalled journals
evidence-based recommendations
multidisciplinary interpretation
clear & concise reporting


data cleaning
statistical analysis
probability testing
bespoke programming code
machine-learning & modelling
data visualisation


compelling storytelling and evidence-based accuracy:

Our content creation service provides high-quality and beautifully written copy that captivates your target audience and compels them to act.

We pride ourselves in our ability to turn complex scientific concepts into educational and inspiring content while intuitively articulating your desired tone of voice and values.

We can also strategically optimise content according to SEO keywords and questions, considering rankings, difficulty, intent, audience segmentation, search trends and keyword opportunities.


blogs & articles
website copy
social media copy
biographies & profiles
podcasts & video


patient information
healthcare education
conference presentations
journal articles
press releases
ethics applications


develop a strong brand identity with integrity:

Our ethical digital marketing service is for companies that put people at the heart of what they do.

We're fascinated by what drives people's choices, decisions, and desires and how this knowledge can be used for positive behaviour change and social justice.

We believe that diversity, inclusion and accessibility underly the true essence of ethical digital marketing, encompassing age, gender, culture, ethnicity, sexuality and neurodiversity.


SEO research
UX research & surveys
target audience captivation
competitor analysis
market research
content strategy
social media strategy
social analytics


create a tone of voice
articulate core values
establish brand identity
develop credibility
discovery workshops

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