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Science Events

Engage, educate, and inspire

At Sci-translate, we don't just talk science. We bring it to life through interactive and captivating events.

Whether you're looking to spark innovation within your team or share scientific knowledge in a way that resonates with the public, we're here to make it happen.

By bringing science to people in a more engaging way, we help build a more informed, curious society.

What you achieve

Bespoke Content

We work with you to create an event format and tailored content that resonates with your vision.

Impressive Speakers

Elevate your event’s credibility and impact with scientific experts who are seasoned public speakers.

Engaged audiences

We use behavioural psychology to encourage active participation and meaningful dialogue.

What we do

  • Interactive Workshops & Seminars

  • Workplace Wellbeing Sessions

  • Podcast Hosts & Guests

  • Engaging Conference Presentations

  • Wellness Retreat Sessions

  • Guest Speaker Arrangements

  • Science & Art Exhibitions

  • Creative Concept Development

Why choose us

Our team of media-friendly scientists and experienced public speakers are passionate about bringing science to the public. We excel at creating engaging and thought-provoking events, ensuring your audience leaves with new knowledge and memorable experiences.


What people say about us

Throughout the duration of our project, Sci-translate has consistently demonstrated exceptional support and provided continual encouragement. We encountered significant challenges with ethics, which delayed the start of the research project because we were not affiliated with an academic institution. Sci-translate effectively located an independent ethics committee and worked closely with them to meet their requirements and address specific issues. We were able to navigate through the ethics process very quickly with only minor modifications. Despite the potential stress associated with such endeavours, the unwavering efficiency and composed, attentive approach of Sci-translate have proven to be invaluable.

Dr Sarah Taylor

Dr Sarah Taylor

Founder & Director

An admirable trait of collaborating with Sci-translate is their adeptness at assimilating substantial volumes of information and presenting it in a coherent manner. The documentation they produced was outstanding, and their communication skills were consistently impressive throughout the process. Thank you!

Dr Sarah Taylor

Dr Sarah Taylor

Founder & Director

You made the process very easy, and the final product captures my professional essence really well. I have been approached by a couple of media outlets for my views so my profile is clearly appealing and professional. I would definitely recommend your services to others - a very professional user experience - thank you!

Salma Ali

Salma Ali

Specialist Pharmacist

I was impressed at how warm and empathic I sounded, and you managed to showcase my training and expertise perfectly. My professional image has been enhanced greatly and I'm very happy with the results - I'd definitely recommend Sci-translate. I also thought that you responded to any emails and queries in a timely and prompt manner and were also very friendly.

Camilla Simpson

Camilla Simpson

Integrative Psychotherapist

I really like my professional profile and feel it is far superior to other websites in relation to how it is written and the amount of detail. I would recommend Sci-translate, especially for clinics and clinicians starting their own practice.

Dr Hayley Ponsford

Dr Hayley Ponsford

Consultant Psychiatrist

I especially liked Sci-translate's ability to summarise the unique aspects of my work in topics such as genetics and self medication with substance misuse. The content has generated a lot of interest and several patients have read it and made the decision to chose to see me.

Dr Amol Vaze

Dr Amol Vaze

Consultant Psychiatrist

The writing is really inspiring and able to summarise different timelines, experiences, theoretical models and areas of expertise. I was really pleased with the high professionalism and excellent writing skills. I would definitely recommend Sci-translate to others as their help has been invaluable.

Paola Lopez Rodriguez

Paola Lopez Rodriguez

Systemic and Family Psychotherapist

Sci-translate's work was instrumental in establishing my professional identity. Your team captured my professional journey with remarkable accuracy and depth. The narrative's impact lies in its nuanced understanding of my role in mental health care, enhancing my credibility in the field. I would recommend your services for their thoroughness and insight. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Paul Lefever

Paul Lefever

Director & International Executive Mental Health Case Manager

The session was excellently crafted, catering to all levels of understanding about neurodiversity. It was particularly enlightening to see the historical context, its relevance in today’s society, and its specific implications in the creative and music industry. The easy communication and precise alignment with our brief made working together a seamless experience.

Maria Afolabi

Maria Afolabi

Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Believe

The structure of the presentation into three sections was exceptionally helpful. It broke down the complex topic of neurodiversity beautifully, making it highly relevant to our industry. The visual simplicity of the presentation was also a standout, providing an engaging and pleasant experience throughout the session. It’s rare to find such a tailored approach that didn’t require extensive back-and-forth to meet our needs.

Megan Freimann

Megan Freimann

Senior Account Manager at Levellr


One Event

Ideal for a single engaging event with high-quality content.

Starting from


What’s included

  • Initial consultation

  • Custom content creation

  • Audience materials to boost engagement

  • Post-event summary and feedback

Let’s talk

Event Series

Such as a series of workshops or a monthly podcast.

Monthly fee from


What’s included

  • Everything in the Starter package

  • Fortnightly consultations

  • Event concept development

  • Integrated marketing and promotional copy

Let’s talk

Need something unique?

We can create a tailored service just for you.

Let’s talk


How are the event contents tailored to my specific industry and audience?

We start with a detailed consultation to understand your industry, audience, and objectives. Based on this, we develop customised content that resonates with your audience, whether it's for a corporate setting, educational institution, or public exhibition. Our content is always tailored to be relevant and engaging for your specific audience.

Do you provide support for virtual or hybrid events?

Yes! We understand the evolving nature of events and offer full support for virtual and hybrid formats, including digital content creation, technical support, and virtual engagement strategies to ensure your event's success, regardless of the format.

Can we get assistance with marketing and promoting our event?

Yes, especially with our Growth and Impact packages. We offer marketing and promotional support, which includes assistance with event advertising, promotional materials, and digital marketing strategies to maximise attendance and engagement.

Are post-event materials and feedback analysis included in all packages?

Yes, all our packages include post-event materials such as summaries and resources for attendees. We also provide feedback analysis and reporting to help you gauge the success of your event and make informed decisions for future events.

How far in advance do we need to book your services for an event?

We recommend booking as early as possible, especially for larger or more complex events. This allows adequate time for thorough planning and content development. However, we also accommodate shorter timelines based on our availability and the scope of your event.